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Apex 10 biostimulant fertilizer 1L

Apex 10 biostimulant fertilizer 1L

SKU: AP0219

APEX-10™ is a powerful bio-stimulant and soil amendment in one. This is a one-of-a-kind peat extract made from 10,000 year old active and complex naturally occurring materials. The result is a formula with greater power than simply the sum of its parts. This creates the ultimate product for crop, plant & soil health which has been proven to:

• Enhance fertilizer & water efficiency

• Increase crop/plant turgidity

• Enhance soil nutrient retention & make nutrients more available to the crop/plant

• Dramatically reduce potential of root loss under stressful conditions

• Improve overall crop/plant performance

    GH₵180.00 Regular Price
    GH₵145.00Sale Price
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