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Castor oil

Cold pressed castor oil 500ml

SKU: cos001

100% cold pressed pure castor oil pressed from the seeds of the almighty castor plant.

Castor oil offers a myriad of benefits:

1. **Hair Growth:** Promotes hair growth, thickness, and strength.

2. **Skin Hydration:** Maintains skin moisture, addressing dryness.

3. **Anti-Acne:** Contains antimicrobial properties that reduce acne.

4. **Wrinkle Reduction:** Supports healthy skin tissue, diminishing wrinkles.

5. **Moisturizing:** Rich in triglycerides for overall skin moisture.

6. **Cleansing:** Helpful in removing dirt from the skin.

7. **Anti-Inflammatory:** Alleviates inflammation on the skin.

8. **Healthy Nails:** Strengthens and nourishes nails and cuticles.

9. **Laxative (when ingested):** Provides quick relief for constipation.

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