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F1 Agate tomato seeds 5g - indeterminate variety

F1 Agate tomato seeds 5g - indeterminate variety

SKU: AGI01938

Thanks to the F1 AGATE hybrid variety, Technisem wishes to position itself in the indeterminate tomato cultivation market, for which the

requests from our customers are more and more numerous. Our F1 AGATE variety produces Oval-shaped fruits of good quality (particularly of very good firmness) and fairly large in size (110 to 140 g). Its very good vigour, associated with a very good fruit setting capacity, it allows to reach high yields and spread harvests over long periods. Let yourself be tempted by this variety

Product Features

Variety: F1 Agate

Maturity: 65 – 70 days

Growth: Undetermined

Shape: Oval

Weight (gr): 110 – 140

Shoulder: Uniform

Firmness: Good

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